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It was such a great ride for at least a quarter of a century, I got to be a small part of Don Barrett's effort for about 20 years. To reiterate what I said in the LARadio.com farewell column, the bar was set so high by Don Barrett that any attempt to emulate what he did would be futile if I were to try. 

So why the blog here? Radio is still my favorite medium, albeit it may be more about my memories associated with the AM / FM dial than what I listen to now. Not because there aren't very talented people now on the local radio dial, it's simply very different that what I grew up with. Still, there's some stories from the past and present I want to still share and hopefully continue to do the interviews I enjoyed doing for LARadio.com. And of course, there's my annual attempt at being creative, AKA the year in review.

Before I go any further, Jeffrey Leonard does a wonderful job with his "Memories of LA Radio" page on Facebook. He'll offer something more comprehensive than what I'll have to offer, I recommend you check on what he has to offer.

I'm thinking about updating this once a week or so, or whenever there's breaking news. I'll try to have something earlier in the week, but as you may know I've a day job so that takes priority. Oh yeah, I also have a family and I've a vested interest in staying married.

Thanks to those of you who've expressed interest. Please go read Don Barrett's farewell at www.laradio.com if you haven't done so already. Stay tuned.


  1. It's good to see you here, Alan. So glad you decided to continue to share your thoughts. I always enjoy reading what you write. Onward!

  2. Ditto what Anita said! I always enjoyed your work in Don Barrett's column, and am looking forward to more. I loved what Don did as well, and I'm glad he was able to leave on his own terms. Also, I used to know an Alan Oda, many years ago. He was a great car mechanic long ago.

    1. Oh-my name is Jared. Didn't mean to be anonymous :)

    2. Hi Alan,
      Please include me in your mailing.
      Thank you
      Jim Carson

    3. As I get better organized, I'll start sending out email notifications. Thanks for your interest!

  3. I sure appreciate your effort to post radio happenings and honor the stars and players. I was born and raised in LA. I just turned 74. There are countless amazing radio listening experiences I treasure as wonderful memories. Thanks so much for all of your contributions to Don's wonderful site. I look forward to following your blog. Best regards, Phil Leonard, Santa Maria, CA.


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