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A mid-April offering of short takes

Sorry we're a bit late this week - my darned day job has been more demanding than usual. But we're back and here we go: Congratulations to the Woody Show, the syndicated morning offering broadcasting from KYSR (ALT 98.7). Jeff “Woody Fife ,” along with cast members Renae Ravey , Greg Gory and Jason "Menace" McMurray just signed a six-year extension with iHeart Media. Lisa Worden , iHeartMedia VP for Rock & Alternative and ALT 98.7 (that title’s gotta look interesting on a business card) said “Woody is a true morning show savage. There is no one better to anchor mornings on our flagship ALT 98.7, and his commitment to excellence is bar none. And LA agrees! #ALLIN on ‘The Woody Show!’” For his part, Woody said he is “thrilled to stay ‘work married’ to iHeartMedia. This has been, and will continue to be, one of my longest and healthiest relationships.” Speaking of mornings, I’ve been listening to “The Morning Mess” and their other offerings on KAMP (AMP Radio 97.1)

Bulletin: Mark Elliott has passed

To be one of the KHJ Boss Jocks is a great legacy. To be the internationally known voice of Disney Productions for a quarter century is truly amazing. Mark Elliot  claimed both distinctions. The familiar voice to so many in Los Angeles and beyond has died, leaving an impact far beyond the local radio dial. He was 81. Courtesy Born John Frick Jr. in Des Moines, Iowa, he was known by the monikers Sandy Shore, Buddy Harrison, Ed Mitchell, before he became Mark Elliott (he eventually changed his name legally). He arrived at KHJ via RKO's CKLW-Detroit and KFRC-San Francisco. Elliott actually made two stops at KHJ, from 1970 -1973 and 1975 - 1977. Known for his smooth delivery, it seemed natural Elliott would eventually find himself in the world of voiceover, but it wasn't easy. Ken Levine  described Elliott's tenacity in getting started in the business (read it here ). After studying the craft, it took a year before Elliott got his first gig, voicing the trail