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Updates: Bill Handel and KVEN-Ventura

  Getty Images: Vince Bucci He's consuming a heart-healthy diet, so "nothing tastes good." The hospital's TV selection is "awful," he's finally getting his iPad so he can watch Netflix. He said he can't take a shower, so he has to get sponge baths from a nurse, who "arched her eyebrows when she saw my privates (remarking) 'you know Bill, that's not really impressive.'" And he feels fine, which means he's "bored silly." KFI morning host Bill Handel  updated his listeners on how he's doing and why he'll be away for awhile. The official diagnosis is endocarditis, which in Handel's case is related to his 2011 heart valve surgery. "(I have) an infection lodged in the valve, not uncommon." Because of the infection, he'll have open heart surgery to "carve out all that (infected) tissue...(earlier) they could have gone through the femoral artery, but they can't." Currently he's o

Quick short takes

  Hoping to have more for you later this week, I did want to offer a few updates: Kris Ankarlo , reporter and Chargers sideline reporter for KFI, is leaving after five years with the station. He discussed some of his favorite stories with Tim Conway Jr. , hear the interview here . A graduate of Penn State University, Ankarlo arrived in SoCal via WNEW, where he was the Washington DC bureau chief. Previously he was the news director and program director for WBLF-Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. In 2004, Ankarlo worked as a field organizer for the Democratic National Committee. A fifteen-year veteran has left KNX. Chris Madsen has left the all-news station. Madsen is a graduate of Lewis University in Romeoville, Illinois. In addition to his radio duties, Madsen was the first play-by-play announcer for the NHL's Anaheim Ducks for their first nine seasons on KCAL-TV and FOX Sports West 2. He also was part of Stanley Cup playoff coverage for ESPN  / ESPN2. Madsen previously was featured on Spor

Remembering Chuck Blore

  We’re sad to report Chuck Blore , the architect of KFWB “Color Radio 98” and creator of some of the best radio spots has died. The Los Angeles native was born on April 10, 1929. In his autobiography Okay, Okay, I Wrote the Book , Blore recalled hearing Al Jarvis on the radio. When he told his Mom that he too wanted a career on the air, she said, “…in the gentlest possible voice, ‘Chuckie. People like us don’t do that.” After dropping out of high school and joining the Navy, Blore found himself in radio school. He landed his first job in Kingman, Arizona, before returning back to L.A. and re-enrolling in radio school. Blore found work at KTKT-Tucson, Arizona wanting to read news but learned the station had their teletype machine repossessed. He acknowledged he didn’t have a great radio voice, but worked hard at preparing short skits, telling jokes, and other features while playing records. Eventually he learned his program “Let’s Play Records” was the number one show on the local d

Audacy's "centralized programming" plus an Elder entry

  Julia Lepidi, Josh "Bru" Brubaker Here’s what we’re learning about the Audacy CHR restructuring. Locally, KNOU (“NOW 97.1”) is the hit music outlet. At this moment, there’s no changes to the schedule – the Morning Mess from Phoenix continues at AM drive, Julia (Lepidi) from Chicago will still be heard middays, Josh “Bru” Brubaker will originate afternoon drive from the Wilshire Boulevard studios. What does change is Julia will now be heard on 15 different Audacy stations including KNOU, while Bru will be heard on eight stations around the country including his afternoon duties at NOW 97.1. The strategy of what Audacy refers to as “centralized programming” from local and national hubs is already in force with the company’s country stations. Many in SoCal can hear KFRG (“K-FROG”) 95.1 FM from the Inland Empire (also available on KCBS-FM 93.1 HD-2). David Bugenske (formerly with KKGO “GO Country 105”) and Kelli “Green” Barajas host a local morning show. The rest of the day’s p

Bulletin: Audacy layoffs

Image is reporting there's a number of layoffs occurring throughout the Audacy properties, as the company shifts their top 40 and music stations to "centralized programming" (read syndicated shows from regional or national hubs). We haven't heard yet how this will affect Los Angeles or Southern California, but we'll report on whatever we find out, please stay tuned. We can always be reached at

Post 4th of July short takes

  Lots of accolades for Frank Mottek as he returned to the airwaves on Tuesday via KABC. The first guest on “Mottek on Money” was Ben Stein, reviving their previous feature “Frank & Stein” to discuss a variety of business and economy news topics. When I posted Mottek was back, some comments included: "Awesome Frank!" "Go get 'em, Commendatore!" "We've missed you Frank!" His show runs weekdays at 6 p.m.   One of the delights on the local dial is Lara Scott now heard middays on KRTH (K-EARTH 101). There’s a wonderful story of how she got her start as a radio personality on the website. Read her story here . It’s still a risky venture to start a new station, but if the variety of advertisers is any indication, KBLA Talk 1580 appears to be off to a decent start. I’m hearing ads for a number of local businesses plus a few national spots. The station highlights it’s Black owned-and-operated, operating from studios i

Mottek returns to local dial

After a two month absence, Frank Mottek returns to the L.A. airwaves. His new show, "Mottek on Money" debuts on KABC tonight and will be heard weeknights at 6:00.  "I'm excited to launch the new and expanded Mottek on Money, a news driven business hour on KABC," said Mottek. "We're going to have some fun with great guests focusing on business, the martkets, the economy in this most amazing time coming out of the pandemic."  The show will also be available via podcast, click here to be connected. 

10 Questions with Perry Michael Simon

Image continues to offer breaking news and information about both radio and the music industry. Much of the credit for their success belongs to Perry Michael Simon , VP and News-Talk-Sports editor for the online publication. He provides wonderful insights with "The Letter," his weekly offering for news and information programmers and talent. One of their most popular features is "10 Questions With." So I decided to turn the table on Mr. Simon and get some information about him, as well as get his insights about what's going on with radio now and in the future: 1. First, please provide a short bio of Perry Michael Simon – birthplace, where you consider hometown, anything interesting about your education, and a brief summary of your career for those not familiar with you. Born and raised in New Jersey; I don’t really think of one place as my hometown, but my years living near Philadelphia were at about the right time for it to earn that title (I still ro