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Breaking news: The Real Don Steele and Bill Drake are in the Radio Hall of Fame

  The Museum of Broadcast Communications, based in Chicago, has finally righted a wrong. Donald Revert, aka  The Real Don Steele  has been inducted as part of the posthumous class of 2021.  Another key inductee is Bill Drake , the creator of "Boss Radio KHJ." Other inductees include: Jackson Armstrong, Freddie Crocker, Tom "Big Daddy" Donahue   Dr. Toni Grant, Jay Thomas Hal "Aku Aka" Lewis Raul Alarcon, Sr. Jackson Armstrong Dr. Joy Browne Frankie Crocker Don Cornelius Tom Donahue Arlene Francis Barry Gray Toni Grant Petey Greene Maurice "Hot Rod" Hulbert Jocko Henderson E. Rodney Jones Chuck Leonard Melvin Lindsey Mary Margaret McBride Ruth Ann Meyer Murray "Murray the K" Kaufman Manuel "Paco" Navarro Pat O'Day Alison Steele Martha Jean "The Queen" Steinberg Todd Storz Jay Thomas Rufus Thomas McHenry "Mac" Tichenor Nat D. Williams The posthumous honors were added to celebrate radio's 100th anniver

Summertime: In denial

  Hi! Just taking a break for a week or so. As a teacher, I'm in denial that summer is over (I'm now all about meetings... joy!), but I'll be back up to speed soon enough. Bulletins, of course, will be covered. Otherwise, we'll be back after a very short break. Please stay safe and sane!

An Elder candidate and some short takes

  A front-page article in Wednesday's Los Angeles Times  detailed the candidacy of former KABC and current The Answer 870 AM (KRLA) host Larry Elder , currently running for California Governor as part of the recall election of Gavin Newsom. Last week, Elder was interviewed on progressive talk station KBLA by station owner and midday host Tavis Smiley . The interview started with Elder responding to the question as to why he's running for Governor: I would respond by asking what makes Gavin Newsom qualified to be the chief executive of the state. He was a two-time Mayor of San Francisco, he spent eight years as Lieutenant Governor so he had eight years to figure out what he was going to do, and he’s been the Governor for two years. And look what we’ve got – rising crime rate, rising homelessness, the rising cost of living, the way he shut down the state while ignoring the science, while sitting…at that French Laundry Restaurant with the very people who drafted the mandate. AP Ph

Kat Corbett departs the ROQ, plus HearAche

  Photo by David Crane, LA Daily News Lots of comments about the departure of Kat Corbett from KROQ. The former midday host had recently hosting the “Locals Only” show plus weekends and fill-in. Corbett offered the following on her website : Sooooo I quit KROQ. It’s all good! I am eternally grateful for my long and crazy KROQ life. I was leaving the World Famous a while back actually, but Covid hit, deals fell through, yada yada. Now with things opening up, I’m having exciting conversations again. If you ever listened when I hosted middays, thank you. It was truly an honor to follow the Kevin & Bean show all those years. Thanks to the record reps and managers who trusted me with artists in many delicate situations. I’ll still be bugging you of course, but for now, thank you for introducing me to my heroes. Corbett arrived at KROQ via alternative rocker Y-107 (KLYY). In an interview with, she said she started as an intern, then a part-timer at Boston’s WFNX. “I