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Remembering Tommy Lasorda

  Associated Press I didn't have the opportunity to meet Tommy Lasorda, though like many I heard many interviews he did on sports talk radio. Oh how I wish I could talk to the late Joe McDonnell, who I'm sure would have had all sorts of anecdotes about the manager who "bled Dodger blue." The former Dodger manager was always a popular interview on sports talk radio. Here are some memories from those who offered Tommy's voice on the local airwaves: Fred Roggin (AM 570 LA Sports):  In a city full or stars, Tommy Lasorda was one of the biggest.  He was able to capture the imagination of Los Angeles. John Ireland (710 / ESPN):  You never could have created a character that would have been better than Tommy Lasorda.  The personality, the stories, the success on and off the field--he was truly one-of-a-kind.  And he was so colorful, so quotable, that I almost think it distracted from how good of a manager he was.  He won two World Series, four National League pennants, a

Finally -- the year in review

  The top ten stories of 2020: 10.     Covid-19 9.       Covid-19 8.       Covid-19 7.       Covid-19 6.       Covid-19 5.       Covid-19 4.       Covid-19 3.       Covid-19 2.       Covid-19 1.       Covid-19 OK, now that we have the real top ten out of the way, let’s delve into what happened across the L.A. radio dial in 2020, or as they say "on with the countdown." The 2020 election: On NPR’s All Things Considered , one of the experts hoped that whichever presidential candidate emerged victorious, that it would be a decisive win as anything less could result in chaos. Talk about prophetic words. As of this writing, all of the news and talk outlets continue to describe a President using every alternative available to at least rally his supporters to cast doubt, let alone protest, the apparent outcome. Then there’s the transition – or lack thereof – of the President-Elect who promises a bipartisan approach to his time in office, even if it see