It's Thanksgiving, how can I not?

It's Thanksgiving, so how can I not share the story of the ultimate radio promotion? There's some controversy as to whether it's based on a true story, I'm not sure it matters. I've watched this so many times and it still elicits a laugh. May you have a safe and sane holiday!



  1. "As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!" And that WKRP episode was indeed based on a true story. Since 1946, an annual Turkey Trot Festival has been held in Yellville, Arkansas, on the second Friday and Saturday in October. There are turkey calling contests, live music, dancing, a parade and a "Miss Drumsticks" pageant. Initially, live turkeys were dropped from the roof of the courthouse. Beginning in 1948, the turkeys were dropped from a low-flying airplane. Attendees who are able to catch the turkeys can keep them. I would hope the turkeys would be kept as pets, not as dinner. The airplane turkey drops were halted in 2007 but resumed in 2015. And.......the turkeys still can't fly.


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