Another round of short takes

If anyone can think of a better name for these quick offerings, please let me know - at 5' 4", this title just came naturally to me. Here we go:

Of course, Covid-19 is the story of the year. And KFI and KNX continue to offer comprehensive updates with a fast moving story. At the same time I’m really appreciating Larry Mantle on KPCC. He brings in experts regularly to help listeners gain a very helpful perspective, his program allows reasonable discussion and context amidst the firehose of pandemic information.

Speaking of KPCC, I heard almost all of the four-hour marathon of “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” episodes offered on Thanksgiving eve. It was a fun distraction while I was doing some cooking. At the same time, to once again hear shows recorded before a live audience was both a joy and a bit wistful.

The latest ratings showed K-EARTH (KRTH) back on top, followed by The WAVE (KTWV), KOST, KFI, and MyFM (KBIG). KLOS and JACK-FM (KCBS-FM) are tied, KIIS had their best book with their younger demographics in quite some time. I remember I was skeptical when K-EARTH dropped the classics for their current offerings, maybe I just hate to admit that music from the 70s, 80s and 90s is now considered "classics." It wasn't that long ago. And get off my lawn!

Is this a Dodgers town or a Lakers town? If the ratings are any indication, AM 570 (KLAC) the Dodger flagship station doubled the ratings of Lakers flagship 710 / ESPN (KSPN). I would nonetheless want to see the M 25 – 54 demographic info.

Admittedly my boys preferred Kidz Bop on Sirius XM when they were young lads, but they were fully aware of Radio Disney, as were many of their friends. The talent made the station a fun listen. Sorry to report Radio Disney will be shut down in 2021, it warranted a full story in the LA Times:

To use the overused cliché, the headline says it all: “This Could Be iHeartMedia's Biggest RIF Yet.” Six weeks and counting. Go to for more details.

Lisa Hull Hemstreet is the daughter of the late Hullabalooer, Dave Hull. She has a small business where she preserves photos as well as create personalized gifts including mugs, calendars, notebooks, and cards. Take a look at her products, A wonderful opportunity to support a local business.

I’ve mentioned it before, I’ll say it again – Valentine continues to do a wonderful job with MyFM (KBIG) mornings, Lisa Foxx and Dave Styles are also marvelous. I wish they received more publicity. MyFM continues to offer a good music mix with good personalities. I guess that’s why the commercials don’t bother me (but really bother my Spotify-preferring kids). Speaking of kids, it really bothers them when their dad (yours truly) is listening to some of the same selections they enjoy ("hey dad, go listen to your oldies!! That's my music!). Deal with it.

Before I go: You can hear all-Christmas selections on KOST. But I assume it's been awhile since you've heard this holiday classic from Allan Sherman:



  1. And a Japanese transistor radio! LOL. We played it every December when I worked at KOCN in Monterey in the '89s and '90s.

    1. A shout-out to KOCN in the old days! I worked at KBOQ in Monterey from 1984-1989. For a while, KOCN carried the Laker games. I can't remember the station owner's name, but I still remember his voice. -Jared Charles Kliger

  2. You need a banner. Thanks for the Sherman song.

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  4. "If anyone can think of a better name for these quick offerings, please let me know." about "Radio Bites" or "Radio Bits"

  5. "Reduction in Force" is what RIF stands for, in case anyone's wondering. RIFs are never good, but around the holidays??? C'mon, guys, have a heart -- it's in your NAME, for goodness' sake!

  6. These are fun. Glad you're here.


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