Breaking news: Kevin Ryder joining KLOS,

Kevin Ryder, half of the longtime duo of Kevin and Bean on KROQ and recently released by the Entercom station, is joining Doug "Sluggo" Roberts at Meruelo Media's KLOS for afternoons. 

Ryder told

I’m happy KLOS has lowered their standards just enough for me to slip in. Everyone at the station, starting with Heidi and Frank in the morning, are having fun, and love the music they’re playing. I’m happy to be working in the afternoon, with my longtime friend Sluggo, because one of us needs to be able to use the English language sufficiently. Plus, I need my beauty sleep to remain at the top of the modeling game. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with listeners and having fun on the air in L.A. again!

For three decades, Ryder and Gene "Bean" Baxter hosted KROQ mornings until 2019, when Baxter decided to move to London. The duo was recognized by the National Association of Broadcasters in 2015 by inducting them into the NAB Hall of Fame. 

(l) Ryder, Allie Mac Kay, Jensen (r) Mike Catherwood

Ryder continued with a revamped AM drive show, Kevin in the Morning with Allie (MacKay) and Jensen (Karp) until Entercom fired the entire staff back in March, 2020. Ryder started - and will continue - his YouTube video podcast "Great News with Kevin and Mike (Catherwood)."

Roberts is the KLOS APD and MD, who took over afternoons from Gary Moore last June. He also was heard on KROQ "for decades" as well as helping program the alternative rocker and Entercom sister station JACK-FM (KCBS-FM). 

(l) Otto Padron (; (r) Keith Cunningham

“Bringing Kevin Ryder on-board was a no-brainer, as this is the type of bold and disruptive move that delivers compelling voices and relevant content to our very deserving listeners," said Meruelo Media President/CEO Otto PadronKLOS PD Keith Cunningham described the new show for Variety as “Maxim meets Rolling Stone meets ESPN meets Comedy Central.” The addition of Ryder to the KLOS lineup was announced Tuesday during the Heidi (Hamilton) and Frank (Kramer) morning show.


  1. I hope these guys can MLARFA (Make Los Angeles Radio Fun Again!)

  2. Kevin Ryder does not like classic rock. He has said so before. It will be interesting hearing him play a type of music he is not a fan of on KLOS.

    1. An interesting point. Then again, the show will lean more towards talk, there's been a number of radio talent over the years who didn't care for the music on their station, but still was a featured personality. This should be interesting.

    2. No, Kevin may not be a fan of "classic rock", but a lot of the music KLOS plays now is the stuff Kevin used to play on KROQ back in the day.

    3. Also true. Plus the line between mainstream and alternative rock isn't as distinct as it once was.

    4. I was listening to Marci's Boot Camp today on KLOS and she played "Ramblin' Man" by the Allman Brothers. Yeah, can't see Kevin being kool with playing that one ... HA!


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