Breaking news: The passing of Rush Limbaugh


It was well known that Rush Limbaugh would be retiring sooner than later, plus his diagnosis of terminal cancer was also common knowledge. At the same time, his passing this morning is a shock if not a surprise. As recently as a couple of weeks ago, Limbaugh declared the second impeachment of former President Donald Trump indicated the "(Democrats are) not gonna be able to stop Trump from having a public life if he wants it, and when that happens — and they are waiting in abject fear for that."

One of Limbaugh's first stations when he started in syndication was with KFI, then a station that was still in the shadow of competitor KABC. I'm now working on a more detailed story about Rush's impact on the LA market.

My son told me on his Twitter feed, Limbaugh's distractors are offering "rest in p**s." My first response was this was completely disrespectful. But on second thought, I could see Limbaugh having a good laugh.


  1. The Rush haters were so addicted to the progressive and left agendas that are eliminating any opposing viewpoints, that attacking him, even after death, represents their fears of his undeniable role in showing Americans of what needs to be fixed.

  2. I feel cheated by the death of Rush. I only discovered him two years ago and I had never seen someone so articulate and such a fearless defender of his positions with both intellect and humor. I was instantly drawn to him even though I was a lifelong liberal (though not a leftists). This new left and their zeal of censorship and cancel culture disturbs me. However that doesn't make me a conservative. I find myself more of a centrists which I believe is the vast majority of the nation. What I found admirable about Rush was that he stood to his principles even as other conservatives were hiding under their beds or waving the white flag once the washington press corp started with their agendas. I only got to enjoy him two years and wish I had discovered him much much earlier. Finally Cancer is a terrible killer and has taken too many good people recently (Alex Trebek) and I wish we find something, somehow to finally cure his horrible disease once and for all.

    1. Amen! You should check out Dennis Prager, who won't mind that you're a liberal! ;)


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