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Let me start off with some good news. How’s about a hometown “kid” off to the big time? A Martinez is leaving KPCC and his midday “Take Two” program for the big time. The L.A. native is joining NPR’s signature program “Morning Edition” starting this summer. We’re working on an interview, but for the moment, it’s worth noting he’s officially departed the KPCC studios. He did post a before-and-after pic of his desk as he departed the Pasadena studios of Southern California Public Radio. Evidently he’s a major fan of The Flash:

As of Tuesday (June 1), Tim Conway Jr. nor his producer Sheron Bellio returned back on the air, with Mark Thompson still sitting in. 

Photos courtesy allaccess.com

We received some more responses from the May 27 blog posting (read it here), including one reader who said “if you heard (the skit) in the proper context, it wasn’t so bad” to another reader declaring “Conway should be gone, now!” A veteran consultant offered the following observation:

Something like this happens when there’s nobody in the room to put the brakes on a bad bit. It’s the producer’s job, and a strong producer would have said “Tim, stereotypical ‘Asian’ voices aren’t acceptable anymore and should never have BEEN acceptable. And especially now with anti-Asian violence headlining our own news reports, do you think maybe this is about the worst time imaginable to do hack material like this just to make fun of Vic the Brick?” 

The consultant also said Robin Bertolucci did what good PDs do, their first instinct is to protect the talent. Still, when the talent does something that's way of of bounds, imposing a suspension and apology is appropriate and the only possible choice. "It's not 'cancel culture' to point out that something is racist. Everyone has the right to say what they want (but) they're not immune from the consequences."

Rick Sietsema with Gail Eichenthal

Over at my mentor’s LARadio.com, which still posts stories from his rich archives, Don Barrett still gets emails. He recently received one from Rick Sietsema, that highlighted hybrid digital radio, better known as HD radio:

Although I spent my entire career in radio station technical operations, I’ve never owned an HD Radio receiver...until we replaced a 16-year-old car this month. I am dumbfounded, both as a radio listener and a veteran of the industry, that Los Angeles stations don't promote their additional channels. There are more than 80 fm signals that can be received, reliably, in Los Angeles County, and I'm forced into deep searches online to find out what's available on the aux channels. Saul Levine might be the only station owner in LA that bothers to describe the content on aux fm channels. Don Barrett, take note.

As I’ve said in the past, I may be another one of the few who listens to HD radio on a regular basis (then again, I also still have my Sony A-1 AM stereo radio, but I’m really digressing here), but I do appreciate there’s alternate programming available on the subchannels. I still hear “LA Oldies K-Surf” on 105.1 HD2, for example. I also note WFAS-White Plains (New York) is now all-digital AM, meaning the AM signal can only be heard on an HD radio. Previously, as an all-sports outlet, the station had no ratings, it’s now largely a conservative talk outlet. It's a good opportunity to experiment. The dial is crowded, I appreciate the the innovations, the question is whether or not it can attract a significant audience.

Like everyone else of my generation, I did listen to KLOS and KMET (though admittedly I also really liked Rick Carroll’s KKDJ) but when I needed an alternative, I’d tune into the “mellow sound” of KNX-FM. It’s nice to find they’re recreating the music and a lot more via an online platform. It’s worth checking out, find it at www.knxfm93.com, or find it here.

Today’s smile, courtesy of my Tennessee friend Debbie King, who happens to be a nurse: 

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